SNR VP Franchising

Kimberly Moody


Kimberly started her career in various positions in different roles in the Banking Industry covering customer service, banking services and loan services.  She later accepted a position as a Financial Advisor and went into an extensive Wall Street training program. The training program led her to be able to secure an impressive track record as she built a business base of more than $300 million in assets covering financial planning, portfolio management, estate planning services, and all other aspects of investment management for over 1,000 clients.
During her time as a Financial Advisor, she was a Co-Host for her own television show “Investing 101” and Co-Host for her own radio show segment “Financial Planning”. She has held over 100 seminars on financial planning topics and taught  “Investing 101 & 102” courses at Christopher Newport University. She participated in teaching financial planning classes to Doctors coming out of their residency at Eastern Virginia Medical School.
Upon selling her book of business, Kimberly ventured in the franchise industry role as a Franchise Consultant. She has worked with over 50 Franchisors in various industries where she has successfully sold multiple franchises across the Country. She is passionate about mentoring individuals into entrepreneurship and guiding them into life changing events that ultimately make a positive impact in their lives.

Professional Skills

Planning 80%
Consulting 95%
Management 89%
Development 90%